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Jesse Landen

Posted by Jack On January - 22 - 2011
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Produced by: Consul Media Group & Buck Productions
Director: Stuart A. McIntyre
Producer: Paul Matthews
Cinematographer: Sean McBride & Kris Belchevski
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Assistant Editor: Fred Esporlas
Colourist: Wade Odlum
Sound Director: Stephanie Pigott
Sound Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Composer: James Bunton
Assistant Director: Calum Moore

Post – Production Facilities:
Stealing Time
Alter Ego
Pirate Radio & Television

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A Teacher That Skateboards!

Posted by Jack On March - 25 - 2010

This is Justin Bohl skateboarding who is also a biology teacher at Tower High School. Who ever said that teachers are not cool?

Brandon Prodrome extras

Posted by Jack On March - 21 - 2010

411vm – Vancouver 02

Posted by Jack
Nov-22-2009 I ADD COMMENTS

411vm – Volume 13 Issue 3

Posted by Jack
Nov-22-2009 I ADD COMMENTS
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