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Skater Nation iPhone App Review

Posted by Jack On March - 26 - 2010
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Skater Nation is the best skateboarding game I have played on the iPhone. It reminds me allot of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 (the first THPS game). This game has very good graphics for the iPhone and a surprisingly big map for a hand held device. The price is a bit steep but if you are a skateboarder or a fan of skateboarding games I think Skater Nation is well worth the cost.

Skater Nation characters
To start of you have 8 charecters to choose from (both male and female). You can either play the career mode, free ride or play online. You can also change your deck, wheels and trucks for better bonuses.

The music is also quite good for a iPhone game. While all of the songs and bands are un-heard of they have a good mix of rock and hiphop.

The trick list is actually very good. You can do Kickflips, 360 flips, 50.50s, crooked grinds, impossibles and much more! The grinding is probably the hardest to get used to, try letting go of the joystick and just hold down the B button to finish them. it’s basically trial and error.

Skater Nation gameplay
The controls are quite hard to get used to in the beginning but get much easier the more you play the game. Just remember than B + joy stick is for grabs and A + joystick is for flip tricks.

The story mode is actually very good. The main challenges consist of getting high scores (much like Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1, 2, 3/Underground 1 & 2) and performing certain tricks in a row (much like S.K.A.T.E 1 & S.K.A.T.E 2). The story mode is quite short but it’s certainly long enough for the price.

One of the coolest features about this game is that you can watch a replay of your gameplay at any time and even upload it directly to Youtube from inside the app!

This game is defiantly a must have for anyone who skates or anyone who just enjoys skateboarding games.

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Skater Nation

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Secrets Of Skateboarding Review

Posted by Jack On November - 23 - 2009

When most people think of this skateboarding book one word comes into mind, Scam! This shouldn’t be the case. I will be the first to tell you, Secrets Of Skateboarding is a fantastic product and I would in fact argue that it’s better than the majority of skateboarding trick tip videos out today. How many times have you watched a trick tip video that doesn’t teach you a single think but instead simply say’s what the trick does.

Secrets Of Skateboarding

Pro – “Today I’m going to teach you how to 360 flip. A 360 flip is a kickflip with a 360 pop shuv it. All you need to do is put your feet like this, slide your front foot up, land and roll away”

Me – “Right ok but how come this happens? how come I can’t quite get the board around? why do I land like this?”

Pro – “……”

Secrets Of Skateboarding takes a different approach. Each trick starts off with a detailed explanation of the trick, who invented it and the difficulty level of the trick. Next there is an explanation of the requirements for each trick followed by the foot positioning. Next comes the fun part, how to do the trick. Secrets Of Skateboarding breaks each trick into the following stages:




Each stage is explained in detail. I was blown away with how much detail the book goes into.
Next the author gives his own personal tips on the trick. Lastly the most important part of every trick tip is explained (one many videos ignore). Troubleshooting! For every trick there is a detailed explanation of the comment problems with each trick and the solutions.

While I will be the first to admit as soon as I saw the name ‘Secrets Of Skateboarding’ I took the secrets part very seriously. But Secrets Of Skateboarding shocked me with how detailed every skateboarding trick tip is. But as we all know the only secret to skateboarding is practise and much of it. If you’re looking for a ‘secret’ to skateboarding this book isn’t for you but if you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to land tricks and the common problems associated with each trick purchasing this book is worth thinking about.


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Secrets Of Skateboarding

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